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What is leadership at Scania all about?

Scania is committed to retaining and expanding its premium position in the industry. Excellent leadership, based on our common values, principles and working methods, is a key driver for reaching targets. Managers at Scania have a direct responsibility towards their operations and their personnel. Above all, this means conducting a clear, healthy leadership in line with our values, principles and methods.

Three managers at Scania gave their definition of good leadership

“Give the opportunity for people to act pro-actively and to make their own decisions.”

Renata Perucci Ferito, Head of Trucks, Scania Latin America, Brazil



“As a leader you should stimulate the discussion in the group in a transparent and open way. Let everybody give their opinion.”

Gianmarco Bezzi, Managing Director, Scania Commerciale, Italy


“When you involve your team, give them strong challenges and support them 100%.“

Mattias Strömsten, Plan Manager, Scania Transmission Assembly, Sweden



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